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Innovation Scholarship

Christel House Indianapolis is committed to providing our students with quality education and supporting them as they continue to develop the tools they need to succeed inside and outside of school. To make a true impact, we are also committed to increasing the diversity within our staff to reflect our student bosy so students have access to many adults that provide representation of their culture. CH Indy is also dedicated to providing high quality development for all staff, as we are all lifelong learners. We believe that through this intentionality and by providing our students with high quality, diverse teachers, we will see positive results towards proficiency for all students. 

Prospective candidates will be expected to do the following:

  • Submit an application.
  • Interview with Talent Specialist.
  • Be paired with an experienced mentor teacher.
  • Complete a complimentary two-day stay with Christel House Indianapolis: flights to and from Indianapolis, lodging, food, and transportation while in town will be provided to candidates during their stay.
  • Lead successful in-person lesson in mentor teacher's class demonstrating content knowledge and interpersonal skills with students. 
  • Relocate to Indianapolis to teach at a Christel House Indianapolis school the following two school years upon acceptance. *Awarded applicants must commit to teach at Christel House Indianapolis for two school years after accepting their offer.*

Upon acceptance of this program, scholarship recipients will be rewarded the following: 

  • Teaching contract with a starting pay of $50,000/year;
  • Sign-on bonus of $1,000-$1,500;
  • Relocation funds of $3,000.

Contact Talent Specialist, Josh Eber, for more information: