What Are My Options: Career Certification vs. Dual College Credits

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Now that you're on the way to receiving your diploma, there are several pathway options available to you through Christel House DORS. Those options include career certification or dual college credits. So how do you know which is best for you? Essentially it depends on the job you want to pursue.


If you've ever done any job searching, you may be familiar with the "requirements" section that lists the skills necessary to secure that position. Employers are looking for candidates who have received a certain amount of training or education in that career field.


What is a Career Certification


A career certification is a credential that proves a student has mastered a particular skill. Certificates are tailored to specific industries to ensure that students have a working knowledge of that specific field. For example, students interested in creating websites could receive a certificate in web development. 


Certification programs are also shorter than degree programs and often take months instead of years to complete. They are also far less costly than degree programs. Certifications from an accredited school like DORS are legitimate and recognized by business and industry leaders at the local, state, and national levels.


What is a Degree Program?


A degree program is an advanced education option that allows you to select a primary course of study in addition to general education courses. At DORS, we offer students who have enrolled in this pathway program an opportunity to earn college credits as they work towards obtaining their high school diploma. Our partnership with Ivy Tech allows us to offer this pathway FREE of charge to all Christel House DORS students, regardless of which campus they attend. 


College credits earned in our program can be transferred to any college/university, which helps with the cost and gives you a headstart on graduation requirements. 


Regardless of what path you take, choosing to continue your education through either a degree or certificate program can make a substantial positive impact on your career. 


The good news is that both pathway programs are tuition-free at DORS! 



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