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Become an IndyTeach Apprentice



A New Pathway to education.

What is IndyTeach

IndyTeach is about one thing - preparing talented college graduates to become exemplary urban teachers. IndyTeach is an alternative teacher preparation program unlike any other teacher prep program in Indiana. Christel House Indianapolis and IndyTeach are committed to helping prepare educators to better serve students. 

Through the program, apprentice teachers gain invaluable experience in the field of education, while working alongside a mentor teacher. Over the course of a year-long paid apprenticeship, IndyTeach apprentices undergo 3 key stages of transitional development to gain the knowledge and skills of a practicing teacher.  Upon completion of the program and passage of the CORE exams, apprentices qualify for an Indiana Teaching License. 


Who is The Program For

The IndyTeach apprenticeship is for individuals who received a Bachelor’s degree but did not undergo a traditional teacher certification program at a university. You are a great fit for IndyTeach if you meet these qualifications, and have a passion for education and the drive to serve others.

The program is designed to take talented college graduates and supply them with the skills and training to become licensed teachers in urban education settings. Through the mentorship model, Apprentices work alongside highly skilled teachers and gradually take on the responsibilities of teaching throughout an academic year. 


Program Requirements

  • Must have a bachelor's degree and strong content knowledge in their area of teaching interest.
  • Must have a attained a 3.0 GPA or a 2.5 with 5 years of professional work experience
  • Must have attained a minimum of 1100 SAT, 24 ACT or 301 GRE score

Upon completion of the year and program requirements, apprentices attain an Indiana State Teaching License without the need to return to a university. Through weekly profession development, regular coaching, and daily mentoring, Apprentices gain the skills to become quality educators through hands-on field experience in an urban setting.


Who Should Apply

Christel House Indianapolis is deeply committed to not just diversity, equity, and inclusion, but also being anti-racist in both the way we operate as an organization and how we approach our work. The IndyTeach program is for individuals who share these same commitments. 

Please visit for a listing of how we demonstrate our commitment to DEI.  

Click Here To Apply To The Program

Financial Assistance 

IndyTeach is designed to remove the financial barriers associated with becoming a teacher in order to draw on a broader population, and is therefore tuition free, paid, and fully benefited. Because of this, the apprenticeship is extremely competitive and only accepts 10 Apprentices per year.

Our program is unique, and it will prepare you for the challenges and rewards of teaching. If you have a bachelor’s degree but did not undergo traditional teacher certification, you may be a great fit for IndyTeach.

If you are interested in making an impact in urban education, please contact or apply to the IndyTeach program directly when the application opens in January. 


*For assistance or additional information please contact Tracy Westerman, IndyTeach founder at or Kayla Marshall, Hiring Recruiter, at 


teacher smiling

I became an educator because of my passion for teaching and love for working with students. I was lucky enough to find IndyTeach because while I was earning my license, I was still able to be hands-on, directly in the classroom, and working with the students from my very first day.