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Christel House Indianapolis: College and Careers

Christel House doesn’t stop supporting our students when they graduate. The College and Careers program mentors all graduates by supplying the resources and support they need to obtain a post-secondary education and/or find meaningful employment. Starting in 7th grade, Christel House introduces career development and guidance to begin preparing students to study careers that will play to their strengths. For up to five years after students graduate, our College and Careers Administrators and Coaches check in with graduates, and are the people you can contact for help with questions and concerns about college, career opportunities, professional development, or personal issues.  Many of our students are the first person in their family to go to college or pursue post-secondary training.  Our C&C Administrator and Coaches are available to walk with them through that transition.

The program also works to support our adult students enrolled in the Christel House DORS program. After graduation, students enrolled at DORS have the opportunity to receive support for an additional five years.


Our Mission: 


College and Career Readiness means that a student is prepared to go directly to work or enroll and succeed in a variety of postsecondary institutions so that they are ready to enter a career of their choice.

How We Support Our Students

Kara Moreland -

Kara Moreland is College & Careers Administrator for Christel House Indianapolis, helping students in Grades 7-12 explore college, careers, and 21st Century skills. Her role is unique to Christel House’s mission to break the cycle of poverty; unlike most high school counselors, Kara continues to mentor and coach these first-generation college students for five years after graduation. Her students affectionately refer to her as “Mother Moreland.” Before joining the team at Christel House in 2014, Kara was Manager of Education at Indiana Repertory Theatre for 13 years, overseeing student matinee sales, the Summer Conservatory for Youth, adult and youth classes, and internships as well as assisting with the artist-in-the-classroom program. She is proud to serve as a committee member on Employ Indy’s Indianapolis Post-Secondary Action (IPAC)  Committee, as an educator on Junior Achievements JobSpark’s Educator sub- committee, and as a board member for Summer Stock Stage. Kara graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Marian University.

Kendall Price -

With over 28 years of working in education, Kendall Price is the College and Career Administrator for Christel House DORS, where he works with adult high school graduates. His primary responsibilities are to guide adults into their next career pathway after high school, i.e. college, vocational programs, apprenticeships, and or employment opportunities. Kendall also develops programming opportunities and workshops for grads and curriculum content, along with college and industry visits and other educational pathways for current students and scholars who take the college and careers course. 

Kendall has developed student engagement activities that have been recognized throughout the State of Indiana. Prior to Christel House Schools, Kendall served as the Regional Director of Student Engagement for Charter Schools USA and Noble Education Initiatives, where he oversaw all student engagement and after-school programs at Emma Donnan Elementary and Middle School, Emmerich Manual High School, and Thomas Carr Community High School. Kendall also worked on community initiatives that focused on the social and mental well-being of all scholars. 

For 14 years, Kendall worked for the MSD of Wayne Township Schools, in various positions, and helped develop a school-to-work program for students in grades 9-12 where student attendance increased, student enrollment in vocational trade and post secondary institutions increased and behavior referrals and suspensions decreased. Because of its success, Kendall was recognized as a Senior Choice Award recipient 7 times during his 14-year tenure in Wayne Township Schools.  Kendall also received the M.G. Raby Award (2006), as the Wayne Township staff member who helped break down social and economic barriers for disadvantaged youth. 

As a former basketball player, Kendall also served as an assistant basketball coach at Ben Davis High School for 7 years, and helped guide the Giants to two IHSAA State Basketball Championships in 1995 and 1996.  After departing Wayne Township, Kendall went on to work at Herron High School as the Director of Student Life, where he collaborated with staff and students in developing meaningful extracurricular activities and events that enhanced student achievement.  Kendall also collaborated with various community organizations and developed a successful internship program; where students received valuable work experience related to their future career. 

Kendall enjoys developing and collaborating with staff on activities, college tours, and programs, along with events that will allow all students to become World Class Citizens. Kendall is married and has an 11 year old son. 

Luis Serrano -

Luis Serrano was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Graduated from college with a major in Psychology from Venezuela Central University (2004). Master in Clinical Psychology from Andres Bello Catholic University (2011). Certified by Venezuelan Psychoanalytic Association (ASOVEP) as Psychoanalytic Therapist (2006). Minor in Adult Education from UNA (2016). Started to work at Christel House Venezuela in 2005 as counselor, then I was promoted to the Alumni Program Coordinator and finally to the position of Acting Programs and Services Coordinator. Christel House Venezuela closed their doors in 2011 due to the political and economical crisis the country was facing and transferred the school to the Fe y Alegria organization. I stayed as College & Career Administrator during the transition from 2012 to 2015. In 2017 I relocated my family in Mexico City and started to work there as high school counselor in Christel House Mexico, two years later I was promoted to the College & Career Coordinator position. In 2021, my eldest daughter was accepted at Cornell University and we started to plan a new relocation for the whole family. I started to work at the Christel House Academy as a Career Coach as part of the College & Career staff in November 2021.I moved to Indiana with my wife and my two daughters, one of them is living on-campus in NY State and the other daughter is an 8th grader in HSE. I love reading and playing music (guitar). I swim one hour everyday to start my day full of energy.

Johnetta Thompson -

Johnetta Thompson is a College & Career Counselor at Christel House DORS with extensive experience helping students navigate College and Career exploration.  She uses her experience to help students secure a great future.Johnetta earned her Master's in School Counseling from Butler University, Bachelor's in Organizational Leadership from University of Indianapolis, and Associates in Hospitality Management from Ivy Tech.In her spare time she enjoys writing, spending time with her children and binge watching her favorite shows.

Jamiah Weaver -

Jamiah Weaver is the K-8 College and Career Coordinator. Jamiah is a 2015 graduate of Indiana University, with a BS in Public Health. She has had three siblings who have attended Christel House with two of them receiving a Christel House diploma. Jamiah has a great passion for serving our youth and is looking forward to being a part of our students' success. 

DeQuana Matthews -

DeQuana Matthews is the Administrative Assistant for the Christel House College and Careers team. I am a high school graduate of Warren Central High School. Following high school, I attended Ivy Tech Community College and then transferred to the University of Indianapolis. I am studying Business Administration. My journey in education started at a young age. As a teen, I worked for various summer camps such as the Algebra Project. We were a team of young people going around Indianapolis to tutor our peers. I started working in the IPS organization in 2015 as a Special Education assistant. I have since worked for IPS, Tindley, and other local school organizations in various roles. Now serving as the administrative assistant to the team, I am excited for future experience opportunities.

Scott Weaver -

Scott Weaver is the College and Career Coach for Christel House Watanabe. He graduated from the IUPUI Kelley School of Business with degrees in Finance and Supply Chain Management. After working in management and sales, Scott tranistioned to a new career in education. He began working at the Christel House South middle school and later taught 11th/12th grade social studies at the high school. He has coached varsity girls basketball at Christel House and is currently the varsity boys' vollebyall assistant coach. In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball and volleyball, working out, reading, and attending Christel House athletic events. 



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